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Ribera del Duero, an austere, harsh and strong land, holds unspeakable secrets. Alongside its gently murmuring waters grow vineyards of red tempranillo grapes in the poor soil that is the birthplace of great wines.
Sire's fields and 100-year-old vineyards have witnessed the passing of time. Rough soil hides the source of unique textures and nuances. An explosion of life through the veins of the vines: from the root, to the tendrils, shoots and clusters of fruit.

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Stony terrain, cold winters, constant light, the Castilian steppe. High, gently undulating plains. Warm days and cold nights. Lands inhabited by Cantabrians, Basques and Mozarabs. Hints of aromatic hillside herbs in the clean and open air. Rueda is the patient cradle of the Verdejo grape. Centuries of history in bunches that harbour fruit flavours, the body and soul of a fresh white wine, expressive, perceptible in its volume full of shimmering originality.

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