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Rueda Verdejo

The sun descends over the horizon. Men, machines and equipment get ready to become the protagonists of a unique sight: the nocturnal harvest.
Artificial lighting over colourless, stony earth, beaten by the Atlantic winds. Hot days and cold nights. This is the secret of the balance between the sweetness bestowed upon the grape by the sun, and the acidity it retains during the cold of the night.

This is why Bodegas Sire opts for this traditional harvesting method at an average of 5 degrees centigrade to keep the grape firmer and better protected during transportation and storage.

Moonlight and the mantle of the stars clothe the toil with romanticism, and prevent the fermentation starting before arrival at the winery. On arrival, the must is prepared quickly, and left for the appropriate time on its own lees for two months. The wine thus acquires more consistency, more volume and a greater intensity from the grape. It contributes to balance, roundness, and conservation of flavours. Thus is born a great wine, complex, elegant, full of light and splendour.