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Sire Wines

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Vintaje: 2014
Grape variety: 100% Tinta Fina from vines more than 90 years old
Location: Peñafiel, Valladolid
Designation of origin: Ribera del Duero
Production: Picked by hand. Seven months in French and American oak barrels
Alcoholic content: 13,5%
Production run: 250.000 bottles


Appearance: Deep cherry-red colour, with medium to high depth. Bright and clear, with long, slow legs in the glass.

Aromatic stage: High aromatic depth, with a pleasant balance of fruit: cherries, blackcurrant and plums. Behind its youthfulness it exhibits lactic notes which evoke the barrel in which it has been briefly aged. Vanilla, toffee and chocolate notes stand out. Complex bouquet.

Tasting stage: Rounded and warm, gentle but expressive. Fruity at the back of the nose with hints of a short and gentle ageing. Balanced, with a good blend of tannins from the grape and the selected barrels. Silky and persistent. Agreeable to the palate and with an appetising aftertaste.

Recommendation: Decant for 15-20 minutes before serving.

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