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Sire Wines

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Vintaje: 2015
Grape variety: Native Verdejo grape
Location: Rueda, Valladolid
Designation of origin: Rueda
Production: Night-time harvest to keep the fruit at 5oC. Kept on the natural lees for two months
Alcoholic content: 13,5%
Production: 150.000 bottles


Appearance: Pale yellow colour, with sparkling clarity.

Aromatic stage: A wine with a full nose, predominated by the tones typical of the grape variety: fennel, mature tropical fruits, balsamic notes and hints of aromatic hillside herbs.

Tasting stage: On the palate it is an expressive wine with notable volume, intense and rounded, with fruit overtones, refreshing acidity and an enduring and elegant finish.

Recomendation: serve between 7 and 10ºC.

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